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The ABCDE of a Destination

Most wanderers have a destination in mind when it comes to travelling. Most plan their holidays rigorously to make it a hassle- and stress-free trip. However, one may ask what needs to be considered when deciding a destination of choice. In today’s discussion, it is important to know the basics when we are choosing our destination. Thus, I decided to enumerate five things a traveller needs to know when selecting the place for your dream holiday.

  1. Activity– Most of us would want a journey that is full of things to do and see. This is the reason why we wanted to have a holiday in the first place. It involves the choice of cultural, spiritual, historical, ecological, gastronomic, ecological, adventurous or just plain relaxing activities. A great example is my mom’s itinerary when choosing her holiday. Being a devout Catholic, she loves tours that incorporates visits to various churches which also gives her a sense of history on her Christian belief and source of enlightenment –which is for her a way of de-stressing after days of weary work. In her case, it’s a combination of  different facets of activities that is rooted on her belief as a Christian, is what makes the bulk of her choices in selecting her holiday destinations. Others, on the other hand, opt for more adventurous activities like extreme adventurers who pick places where they can experience the rush of adrenaline and the vigour of excitement. While many would prefer going on destinations where flora and fauna are their main attractions. In general, whatever our choices are, it reflects our personalities  and social preferences, as well as our beliefs and personal backgrounds.

    Animal lovers might opt to see safari and wild animals, while art fanatics may go for the beauty of man-made crafts.

  2. Budget – Although the former accounts our ultimate choices in picking our destinations, yet some forego places that offer luxurious and expensive things. Though debatable, destinations need not be lavish to experience the great and amazing treats it could offer.  Comfort and ease may come with a tag when travelling; however, there are heaps of offers everywhere so we do not compromise on these two important things when choosing a budget-friendly destination. We just need to widen our search and make use of our networks as well as the technology that we have today.
  3. Companion– To most travellers (I included!), a companion is what makes a destination worth experiencing. Thus, it is only important that we take into consideration the choices of our companions. Families with young kids will definitely look for kid-friendly and fun-loving destinations such as theme parks; whereas, lovers will opt for secluded and romantic environment. Wherever the choice may be, our companions’ concerns and likes ought to be considered. Unless, of course, when your travelling on your own!

    Consideration for our travel companions is a must.

  4. Date – Date, in this sense, pertains to the time and season, when we go on vacation. Why is it important? It is because activities and budget are affected by a distinct season. Unarguably, weather is vital to the type of activity your destination might offer. One example is the choice of hiking on a dense lush forest and mountain. This activity is done better when the day is bright and sunny rather  than on a wet and rainy day when ones safety might be in danger. Budget is another factor influenced by season. Most countries have their peak season during the months when tourist arrivals are on its highest – examples are, the summer months and, the Yuletide season. It is, therefore, understandably expensive to go on holiday during this time because tourism itself is also a business that wants to take the opportunity to ‘cash in’ at this point in time. Be wary, then, of what the tourism industry refers to as ‘high or peak season’ as this refers to a more expensive trip than usual.
  5. Experience – This last consideration tackles the holistic and general feature of a holiday itself, which is the ultimate experience one goes throughout a journey. It is, no doubt, that no one wants a holiday scarred by bad experience, and ruined by unwanted memories. Hence, it is safe to say – that experience per se is the  fundamental product that the tourism industry is selling to us. Ergo, experience is what makes tourist come and go to certain destinations and locales. It is the reference point for a memory-filled journey which will last a lifetime!

So next time, one chooses a place for vacation or holiday, think about the ABCDE of a Destination!


4 thoughts on “The ABCDE of a Destination

  1. I will remember ABCDE! 🙂

    Posted by herdailydigest | June 24, 2012, 12:42 PM
  2. This article is impressive. The way you presented it is easy to remember.

    Posted by Randolph Perez | June 27, 2012, 7:38 PM

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