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The Sea Bay Restaurant at the Heart of the City

Prior to seeing a movie at the Events Cinema in George Street, we scouted Pitt Street for another mouth-watering, gastronomic experience. This time around, I made the research before our trek to the famed Sea Bay Restaurant to lessen our time searching for a best place to have a delightful dinner before our anticipated movie.

After a few walks along Pitt Street, we were able to find the celebrated Chinese restaurant known for its dumplings and variety of noodle soup. Although the external façade of the place is quite unrecognizable, we entered the place and was surprised that its interiors are far way lit-up compared to its exterior. It is very much a common Chinese restaurant that you often see in the city; however, this place is a magnet to a multitude of clientele after arriving ten minutes earlier before everyone else. That somehow gave me an idea of the place’s dignified reputation as one of the best and cheapest place to dine in the city, as I have read on my researches the day before.

We ordered two of their staples on their menu, chicken fried rice and sweet and sour meat balls, which one of their attendants took note of. Though their crews are fairly quick on getting everyone’s choices and offering tea to each table, the ordered food took almost 20 minutes to be served on our table while others waited only for a few minutes.

Eventually, when our dishes were served, we started to satisfy our appetite. The food looks great and its smell is flavourful as well as its taste. I must say, the cuisine was of authentic Chinese culinary, which subsequently diverted our initial disappointment with their late serving to enjoyment of their savoury dishes.

Although it was our first time to try out Sea Bay Restaurant, we are still looking forward for another trip to this place in the coming future!



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