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One Sunny Day at Darling Harbour

It was one sunny day, earlier at Darling Harbour, and a nice day to capture the beauty of the place on a bright, warm winter’s day. Along with other photography enthusiasts, it was a great moment to have a go on having amazing snapshots of one of Sydney’s finest tourist attractions.

From shots of the surrounding high-rise buildings to a resting seagull, the marina is full of life and charm, not just to tourists, but to Sydneysiders as well.

With a warm weather amidst the winter season, street performers execute outstanding routines for everyone’s delight. Some even gamely joined them on their antics and displayed their enjoyment.

That’s Darling Harbour on a bright, sunny day!


2 thoughts on “One Sunny Day at Darling Harbour

  1. Lots of performers in that place with amazing talents.

    Posted by Stefan | July 2, 2012, 2:58 PM

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