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Spotting A Great Restaurant 101

“Don’t go wishing for the best, open your eyes to the signs!”

We all love great food, isn’t it? But how do we get to know if the simple diner across the road or the high-end restaurant in a posh location is worth the hard-earned money we have? How do we know that their services, more so, their food are excellent and up to a certain standard?

In our today’s entry, we will enumerate practical tips we do when looking for a great restaurant and be satisfied not only on their delicious range of choices but with their amicable services as well.

We call these tips ‘101’ as they are the most basic things we should look for when scouting for the best food experience.

Here they are:

1. Look for the restaurant with the long queue or the diner that’s pack with people.

In any services, the number of people is an important sign of how remarkable the product is. This is also very true to restaurants as their reputation reflects on their number of customers who come and dine with them. Besides, no one wants to go to a place that is barely no one is seen dining.

2. Observe the gestures of the crew.

Most of us definitely feel good when the restaurant team are friendly and accommodating. The dining experience does not just end on the food we ate but includes the friendly atmosphere of the place as well. Our nature to socialise dictates that we favour an experience where people who offer their goods are approachable, cheerful and welcoming.

3. Cleanliness of the place speaks a lot about a certain place.

Remember that a dirty place is a swarm of deadly and harmful bacteria and microbes, which might also be on the food that you will be ingesting! Flavour and taste do come with strict regulatory standards when it comes to cleanliness of the place and freshness of the ingredients.

With these three important tips, one will definitely have a gastronomic experience that is extraordinary and delightful.  Putting these things in mind will make your dining experience categorically leading you back to them for more.

Figuratively speaking, we sometimes look for the wish bones; but the truth is, the whole experience is just affront to us very distinct and clear!


9 thoughts on “Spotting A Great Restaurant 101

  1. Excellent tips. Keep it coming!

    Posted by Carl | July 6, 2012, 11:32 PM
  2. I always go to the toilet first. When it’s clean then I decide to stay and eat 🙂

    Posted by herdailydigest | July 19, 2012, 9:12 PM
  3. I would have never thought about ‘Observe the gestures of the crew’…. good tip. Thanks.

    Posted by Chasing the Donkey | July 28, 2012, 4:28 PM
  4. Great list! I found another way to find good places to eat when travelling is to ask the locals- at the hotel, or just out in the city. Or sometimes even your tour guide. My tour guide in Prague knew the best places to eat at.

    Posted by unraveltravel1 | October 1, 2013, 6:09 PM

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