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Foggy Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Admiralty House (L).

The last time we were on a ship was when we went and had a visit of the Sea Shepherd’s ships, M/Y Bob Barker and M/Y Brigitte Bardot, docked at the International Passenger Terminal in Circular Quay last June. That learning experience opened us to be on-board one of Sydney’s historical ships cruising the harbour, the Southern Swan.

Sean and I together with Judy have been contemplating for months to be aboard historic ships. And when we had the right time to go, the weather was not so ‘cooperating’. Since we had booked the ride in advance to accommodate our busy schedules, we did not have any choice but to have a go of our small getaway.

We arrived at the boarding dock in Campbell’s Cove near Park Hyatt Sydney Hotel around half past three in the afternoon. It was starting to drizzle that time and we were hoping for a better weather for the sailing adventure. However, our hopes for a better weather did not materialise. The sun was extremely covered by the cumulonimbus hovering the whole of the harbour, making the most of the trip foggy and wet. The sense of frustration and disappointment is starting to unravel in me as we started to embark on the historic tall ship. I was sensing a gloomy getaway the moment I stepped on the timber floors of the ship.

One of the cruise ships docked at the International Passenger Terminal. (Saving for this!)

The very accommodating captain of the Southern Swan.

As we started sailing, the disappointment started to change into excitement as I get to see the grandiosity and beauty of the iconic Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House amidst the gloomy, foggy weather. I must admit, I have never been around the harbour in such a foggy and misty day! It’s becoming a whole new experience for me and some others who boarded the old Danish ship.

The sailing adventure cruises along the Sydney Harbour passing through historical sites and buildings like the Fort Denison (An island flattened and excavated for sandstone which was utilised for building Bennelong Point, the area where the Sydney Opera House stands), the Admiralty House and the Kirribilli House (home of the prime minister in Sydney).

Though slightly drenched from the drizzles that afternoon, it was all but exciting to have a view of Sydney Harbour and its frontiers in an unusual weather to see it. Sometimes a getaway with the unlikely setting brings about the beauty one will never expect!

Fort Denison

Southern Swan

Trivia about the Southern Swan :

  • The ship was built in Denmark in 1922 from one of the sturdiest timber for building ships, Danish oaks.
  • She was originally named ‘Mathilde’.
  • Southern Swan used to be a grain carrier for the Tuborg Beer Company in her heydays, crossing the North Sea between Denmark and Greenland.

*** For more information on having a fun-filled sailing adventure, visit the Sydney Harbour Tall Ships website.


5 thoughts on “Foggy Sydney Harbour

  1. Another great read from both of you. Love reading your articles.

    Posted by Maritoni | November 17, 2012, 5:36 PM
  2. This looks like a great experience! Sydney Harbour still manages to impress even in the mist and rain!

    Posted by Sophie | November 21, 2012, 9:44 PM
  3. SO different to the ho-hum tedium of pix of Sydney Harbour/Bridge in the sun!! And ‘poor’ weather is just a matter of definition, isn’t it?!?!?! Have a great weekend … as I see you already are fromTwitter!!

    Posted by Red Nomad OZ | December 22, 2012, 12:31 PM

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