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The Powerhouse Museum: A Museum of All Sorts and Ages

Old Sydney train indicator board which used to be seen at Sydney Terminal.

Old Sydney train indicator board which used to be seen at Sydney Terminal.

Museums have always been a fascination on my part. Whenever and wherever a museum is around in a certain location we are wandering, I often make a trip to these interesting worlds of various things.

Maybe it’s my curiosity of what’s inside it that makes me a magnet for museums. Or, probably, I just wanted to gain more about nice-to-know-facts especially on things I never thought of.  It might be a great help in the future if I am cast as a contender in Jeopardy!

However, my insatiable thirst for thought-provoking facts have given more than just mere fascinations, but the capacity to look beyond what the objects wanted to show, and who the famous people represent historically, and their relevance to our modern society.

The latter, I reckon, is what provides me to look forward to, what other say as another-trip-to-boring-museums.

A precious stone from outer space displayed in the museum.

A precious stone from outer space displayed in the museum.

The Unconventional Museum

Well, this time, the museum we went to, was not your traditional museum. And when I say, traditional, I am pertaining to the passive environment most museums are.  The moment you pass through its doors, you start to go through each of the exhibits and voraciously try to understand what it says about it. However, do not get me wrong on this, I still like the traditional ones, as they are amusing and inspiring, but this gallery is way, way different.  This, my friend, is totally the opposite!

One of the interactive displays inside the museum.

One of the interactive displays inside the museum.

A more proactive environment where one can experience first-hand animated displays, 3D exhibits and mind-boggling, bigger than life, historical artifacts.  A gallery that provides an engaging experience to its visitors, showcasing its showroom to the fullest extent. Indeed, not your usual, traditional museum!

The Powerhouse Museum has four levels with each level having a distinct theme. Most of the themes cater to all ages. However, when we went there, the theme on HIV/AIDS at the fourth floor may well be more suited for adults, but children can view the exhibit with the guidance of an adult.

HIV/AIDS exhibit at the 4th level where parental guidance is needed.

HIV/AIDS exhibit at the 4th level where parental guidance is needed.

Besides the fourth level, most are child-friendly like the Magic Garden and the Wiggles Exhibition; both are located in the first level. Sean and I exuberantly enjoyed the experience in these colourful and hands-on exhibits. Hopping from one exhibit to another, enjoying the numerous displays, and trying on some of their dynamic exhibits, made us stay longer in each theme.

Enthusiasts, fashionistas, artists and historians will also be mesmerised by the museum’s exhibits. They have themes like The Steam Revolution, Faith-Fashion-Fusion, Kooori Art Expressions and Engineering Excellence, all of which are remarkable and interesting.

The Wiggles

The Wiggles

A fashion exhibition inside Powerhouse Museum.

A fashion exhibition inside Powerhouse Museum.

The Powerhouse Museum is without a doubt a museum of all sorts and ages. A gallery that houses memorable and historical artifacts which provides its visitors to experience the displays first-hand and learn further relevant facts that are still appropriate at our time.

Getting There

The Powerhouse Museum is located at 500 Harris Street in Ultimo. One can travel by car to get there, with cheap parking available onsite. It is also near Paddy’s Market, for those who wished to get on the Sydney Monorail and Sydney Light Rail. The nearest train station is Central Station, and one can have a 15-minute hike from there to the museum.  It’s also accessible from Darling Harbour, about 15 minutes by foot, for those who know the marina.

The Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo.

The Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo.

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8 thoughts on “The Powerhouse Museum: A Museum of All Sorts and Ages

  1. This is what I want in a museum. My children loved the Powerhouse museum, very engaging.

    Posted by Nenette | January 23, 2013, 9:38 AM
  2. Love interactive museums. They’re fun.

    Posted by Roselyn | January 23, 2013, 10:38 AM
  3. Great museum to see. One of the best in Sydney.

    Posted by Julianne | January 24, 2013, 8:31 AM
  4. I’m so glad you guys did a post on the Powerhouse — it’s such a cool museum and kids love it (at least mine did and they were 2 and 4-years old at the time.) Thanks for this! Cheers, Steph

    Posted by stephglaser | January 25, 2013, 5:45 AM

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