Around Australia

Living in a country that has heaps to offer is a privilege of a lifetime. From megacities to outback Australia, from world-renowned beaches to lush greeneries in mountainous suburban areas of the island, a person can have no reason not to visit and experience the Aussie way of life.

Check out our latest adventures from Down Under! Click each link to find out more.

Colourful Festivals
Around the Suburbs
Celebrated Attractions


2 thoughts on “Around Australia

  1. Thank you for liking most post (either of you) and leading me here. You too are so happy to live in one of the most amazing countries on earth. I am not sure if I had any urge traveling this much if I lived there.

    Cheers, Ilona

    Posted by Ilona's Heels | April 3, 2013, 10:58 PM

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