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Avoiding the Bug in Travelling

Most travellers take time to plan for their much-awaited adventure overseas. This planning includes preparing itineraries, researching the destination, and understanding the culture as well as the tradition of the foreign land. However, most, if not all, overlook the possibility of contracting a bug that might ruin or cut short your stay. 1. Get and … Continue reading

8 Gothic-Inspired Churches in Sydney You Must Visit

Sydney may not be a typical destination for the devoted church tourist, however the metropolis has its own clandestine churches that dot the city-centre unnoticed. Most of these churches included in the list are historical structures that shape Christianity in Australia.  Almost all of them are centuries old, and have withstood the test of time … Continue reading

Spotting A Great Restaurant 101

We all love great food, isn’t it? But how do we get to know if the simple diner across the road or the high-end restaurant in a posh location is worth the hard-earned money we have? How do we know that their services, more so, their food are excellent and up to a certain standard? … Continue reading

The ABCDE of a Destination

Most wanderers have a destination in mind when it comes to travelling. Most plan their holidays rigorously to make it a hassle- and stress-free trip. However, one may ask what needs to be considered when deciding a destination of choice. In today’s discussion, it is important to know the basics when we are choosing our … Continue reading

How Extreme An Adventure Should Be?

Merriam-Webster’s definition of the term extreme is ‘exceeding the ordinary, usual, or expected’. Thus, in travelling it implies the existence of something extraordinary, bizarre or peculiar which could refer to most what travelling is all about – adventure, food or experience. Today, I would like to talk about extreme adventures which have become an important … Continue reading

The Triad of Travelling on a Shoestring

To start on any adventures, we came up with three, simple and important ways to go on a low-budgeted trip. The ‘triad’ which we will call it, is essential to any traveller who wanted a stress-free trip. Firstly, to go on a trip, one must be able to PICK the destination, either local or international. … Continue reading

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