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Postcards From Glebe

Glebe is an inner west suburb of Sydney, known for its old architectural houses and a number of various cafes, bars and posh restaurants. This suburb is a magnet to backpackers due to its proximity to Sydney CBD. Besides this, Glebe has a good reputation of being one of the most carefree and hospitable suburbs … Continue reading

A Modern Day Buddhist Temple

On the day when we went to shop at nearby suburb, Berala, the Buddhist temple, Lingyen Mountain Temple,   along Vivian Crescent got our attention due to its unconventional architectural design. Its front façade is not your usual Buddhist temples you get to see in most parts of Asia, where eaves point towards the skies … Continue reading

Parramatta’s Winterlight 2012

Parramatta, an upscale city within the Great Western Sydney area, has transformed the Church Street Mall to an array of colourful and enjoyable festivities for the whole family. The event, Winterlight Festival, which started last June 30, was a simple yet vibrant blend of colourful lights, an outdoor skating rink and several food stalls. The … Continue reading

Customs House, Sydney: An Architectural Heritage

I have always been fascinated with building architecture, more so with its historical significance. During the last occasion we were at Circular Quay, as we got off the train station near the wharf, I asked Sean to take a photo of a building that was across the station, unknowingly at that time of its name. … Continue reading


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