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Sydney Mardi Gras 2013

The annual flamboyant, colourful and festive celebrations of the Sydney Mardi Gras celebrated its 35th year last March 2, since its conception in 1978. From then on, it has become one of Sydney’s most vibrant festivals which cater not just to the GLBTI community but to the general public as well. All year round, colourful … Continue reading

Why We Love Tall Ships

Tall ships abound in the clear waters of Sydney Harbour. With their sails and masts that are enormous, they would not be unnoticed. Austerely waving like gargantuan wings of flightless birds afloat on the marina during windy weather. Their wooden structures are a sight to behold, markedly radiant as the sun shines on them. The … Continue reading

Memoirs of Springwood: A Laid-back Town in the Blue Mountains

Passing through the plains and hills of several western Sydney suburbs, the interurban makes its ascent to the Great Dividing Range,  the region of the Blue Mountains. The spectacular lush that covers the mountain range provides a salient journey to Sean’s hometown. After more than an hour on the train, we finally arrived at Springwood station. As … Continue reading

Glebe Markets: A Market With Traditional Twist

Looking for a great buy? Or eyeing for that fashionable vintage clothes? Or scouting for that unique ornament for your house? Glebe, a suburb in the inner west of Sydney, transforms their public school into a lively and colourful traditional market every Saturday. The stalls that abound the four corners of Glebe Public School offer … Continue reading

Furious Rush At George Street

At the corner of one of the busiest streets in Sydney CBD, various forms of vehicles hastily run through its wide and extensive lanes. The prospect of creative snapshots for photo enthusiasts and public transport buffs are immense. Albeit, a chance that warrants artistry and speed along with heaps of patience to capture the ‘perfect … Continue reading

Poporo: Bento with Gusto

Japanese food is one of the most appetizing dishes and healthiest amongst various Asian cuisine. Known for their diet that range from different veggies to various types of fish and other seafood, it is no surprise that Japanese people are amongst those who have a life expectancy that is longer  than the rest of the … Continue reading


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